BSU Leads Coalition of Student Groups Celebrating Dr. King’s Legacy

The “King Activities Forum” was sponsored by Black Student Union, Latinx Hispanic Student Coalition, A Safe Place and Art Club.


By Clarke Stalling, Spartan Contributor

On the third Tuesday in January, Marian Catholic students gathered in the school library to celebrate the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday weekend through games, music and prizes based on conversation and collaboration.

Born Jan 15, 1929, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a social activist who fought to end segregation and systemic poverty. King’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech delivered back in 1963 continues to inspire many people’s lives. Organizers of the “King Activities Forum” said that they hoped to move beyond reducing the civil rights leader’s life to a single soundbite and place a spotlight on the issues King championed that still impact our lives.


Do you recognize the young woman caught causing “Good Trouble” in this photo? (Photo by Christopher Brown)

The federal holiday that recognizes his birthday takes place every third Monday (closest to Jan. 15) in the first month of the year. 

The playlist for the event at Marian included the music of Stevie Wonder, who famously wrote “Happy Birthday” to promote the cause of creating the federal holiday.

The party got started by a pop quiz on race ranging from the scientific aspect of race to how social norms cause us to want to question or guess at least one famous celebrity background. (Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?) Along with the quiz, there also was a matching game where students had to match an unsung champion of social change with that person’s achievements. 

(Personally, I had never heard these people’s names before, so it was a great way to learn about more people who changed so many lives.)

The late Dr. King speaking at a rally at Soldier Field in 1966, when he briefly lived in the city.

Many in attendance said that it was a great way to meet new people and learn about people they hadn’t heard of before like Brad Lomax.

Who was Brad Lomax? 

Brad Lomax was a Black Panther organizer and a leader in the disability rights movement. 

In between activities there was a chance for you to cut out a paper replica of your hand and place it on a drawing of the world.

A project called “The Battle is in Our Hands” is now display outside of the library. 

The “King Activities Forum” was sponsored by Black Student Union, Latinx Hispanic Student Coalition, A Safe Place and Art Club.