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The Wiz - Is What It Is

The Wiz – Is What It Is

“I see Dorothy in the musical as a girl that's being guided by what's going on around her. She's trying to understand but everything is happening so quickly,” said Noelle Treadwell, who will play Dorothy.
Bye, Bye Tweety Bird? Unlikely

Bye, Bye Tweety Bird? Unlikely

By Matthew Peters, Technology Reporter May 9, 2022
Under Musk’s leadership, could we be seeing the end of Twitter? 
SIX sends Spirits high on Spirit Night

“SIX” sends Spirits high on Spirit Night

By Jayla Scarver, Contributing Reviewer April 25, 2022
From the wonderful view in the balcony, the group enthusiastically watched as the six Queens each individually shared the trials and tribulations they endured as the wife of King Henry VIII. 
The Bat (and the Cat) Rule the Dark (K)night

The Bat (and the Cat) Rule the Dark (K)night

By Clarke Stalling March 14, 2022

Vengeance makes its return with the new Batman movie.  On screen, the story follows a young Bruce Wayne, played by Robert Pattinson, on his journey to find the Riddler (actor Paul Dano) and to discover...

Why I Havent Yet and Probably Wont Ever Watch Euphoria

Why I Haven’t Yet and Probably Won’t Ever Watch ‘Euphoria’

By Mia Lockett February 28, 2022
This is what started the TikTok trends. Seriously, what 16-year-old walks around high school like they’re Nicki Minaj’s backup dancers?
Short Boy Reviews Tall Girl 2

Short Boy Reviews ‘Tall Girl 2’

By Marcus Bobbitt February 28, 2022

Introducing the sequel that literally no one asked for: Tall Girl 2! Following the success of the first Tall Girl movie, Netflix decided that they needed more money— I mean, an opportunity to continue...

Paul Thomas Anderson directs a slice of life in 1970s California in Licorice Pizza.

Licorice Pizza Piles on Delicious Performances

By Jack Massucci February 27, 2022
If there is one thing that Gary is looking for above all else, it’s someone to love. 
Dont Gimme Five Fix Unfinished Game

Don’t Gimme ‘Five’ Fix Unfinished Game

By J Van Beest  February 27, 2022

“Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach” absolutely took over the Internet when it was finally released after over two years of anticipation.  But exited the public eye just as quickly as it...

Spider-Man might Rue the day his girlfriend loses her euphoria over Peter Parker.

Peter Parker: Spider-Man and High School Senior

By Clare Smith February 11, 2022
Tom Holland is the only Peter Parker to accurately portray him not only as a superhero but also as a teenager.
Silk Sonic Will Help You Put on a Smile

Silk Sonic Will Help You Put on a Smile

By Jayla Scarver December 16, 2021
Silk Sonic has taken the styles of the past, and with plenty of neo funk and 70’s soul and they have created an album worth leaving on repeat. 
Adeles 30 sounds fantastic...and quite familiar

Adele’s ’30’ sounds fantastic…and quite familiar

By Iris Fé December 16, 2021
I have mixed feelings about this album because Adele is so talented, and I love these new songs sandwiched in the album that are super different from the rest. I need to warn you, though, because for some of the tracks, I thought I was listening to duplicates of her older songs.
Whoops! The other reindeer movie made the list.

Christmas Movies to Binge Over Break

By The Film Club December 16, 2021
Is this the one with Rudolph? Show me "Christmas movies."
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