These Women are Worth Watching

Seniors Mya Bradley, Grace Raftery and Khamille Jackson to be honored Tuesday.


Our Lady Spartans have earned your attention and respect.

By Brooklyn Allen, Spartan Staff


Here we go again begging people to come support our Lady Spartans. 

Why don’t we ever do that for “the Men”?

Listen to the daily announcements to start the 4th Period. 

The Lady Spartans Basketball Team at Marian Catholic is desperate for students to come out and support them while they hold their 23-6 record. 

From the looks of it, there is a chance the Lady Spartans will be able to qualify for sectionals this year. Last year they were a game away from going to glory. 

Still, some students are willing to make a 30-minute drive to Marist High School to support “the Men” versus walking down Main Hall to head to a Lady Spartans home game. This isn’t an empty assertion. I’ve seen and heard it happen first-hand. 

Maybe it might be understandable if the girls’ team wasn’t performing at a high level (a 79.3 percent winning percentage) or didn’t have a Hall of Fame coach (They do. Coach Murray) or didn’t have the National High School Girls Player of the Week (They do. Congrats, Madison Davis.), but that’s not the case. 

So, what is it? 

What is the real reason some people won’t watch the girls play? 

Why is the United Center packed for the playoffs to see the Bulls get run over by the Greek Freak and the Milwaukee Bucks while Wintrust Arena waited patiently for celebrities like Chance the Rapper to endorse a championship run from WNBA All-Star Candice Parker to bring a title to Sweet Home Chicago? 

And for all the love Parker gave the Chicago Sky it wasn’t enough to make her stay lakeside. She’s moved on to the Las Vegas team. Who can blame her? 

Back to our Lady Spartans whose season is coming to an end. 

Tomorrow, 6:45 pm Feb. 7 is the team’s last regular season game. 

Our Lady Spartans will take on Kankakee. 

It’s Senior Night. 

The team’s three seniors Mya Bradley, Grace Raftery and Khamille Jackson will be honored. 

Come out to cheer our Lady Spartans on. 

But don’t do it out of being nice or some kind of pity. 

No. These women have earned your attention and your respect.