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Taylor Swift Helps Dads and Daughters to Bond

Clarke Stalling, Staff Writer March 20, 2024

Taylor Swift is a name that has been thrown around quite often in the football world. Whether it’s headlines about her relationship with Travis or about what she wore to the big game, she has become...

Teacher Alumni: Spotlight on Ms. Zerante

Sarah DeSchepper, Staff Writer March 15, 2024

On many occasions, we meet a new teacher at the beginning of the year and discover that they’ve experienced Marian firsthand as students as well. We turn to email them at 11 p.m. at night begging for...

Our Lady Spartans have earned your attention and respect.

These Women are Worth Watching

By Brooklyn Allen, Spartan Staff February 7, 2023
Maybe it might be understandable if the girls' team wasn’t performing at a high level (a 79.3 percent winning percentage) or didn’t have a Hall of Fame coach (They do. Coach Murray) or didn’t have the National High School Girls Player of the Week (They do. Congrats, Madison Davis.), but that’s not the case. 
Disagree Without Being Disagreeable (or Doxing)

Disagree Without Being Disagreeable (or Doxing)

By Matthew Peters, Technology Reporter February 7, 2023
Social media has made it so people can talk from anywhere in the world without having to meet face-to-face, and this has led to people feeling braver to speak to others. This could be a good thing, but it can also lead to some pretty bad takes.
Best Christmas Gifts of 2022

Best Christmas Gifts of 2022

By Zoe Miller December 14, 2022

As a person with a crippling shopping addiction, I’m the most qualified person to tell YOU the people, which gifts are hot right now. This will be divided into six different categories: Clothes, Objects,...

Diversity by the (Musical) Numbers

Diversity by the (Musical) Numbers

By Chelsea Small, Spartan Staff December 8, 2022
Released way back in 2009, Princess and the Frog was a major staple in my childhood and still holds its significance to me to this day. The movie celebrated themes of diversity, equity and inclusion. And I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in my appreciation of Tiana. 
The Glaring Problems With Overwatch 2

The Glaring Problems With Overwatch 2

By Zoe Miller, Spartan Staff December 8, 2022
Overwatch 2’s marketing didn’t help much either. A drought of information suddenly became a river of “doing too much.”
When Friendship Turns Deadly

When Friendship Turns Deadly

By Dorcas Asiedu-Sekyere, Spartan Contributor December 8, 2022
What we can learn from Shanquella’s tragedy is that it’s okay to grow apart and make new friends. If you don’t feel like your friends truly care about you, then that is a major red flag. We should always pay attention to those red flags, because one day they can save our lives.
Kanye West told InfoWars host Alex Jones that I like Hitler during an Dec. 1 interview. Is Ye finally canceled now?

Canceled or Kanye’d?

By Dorcas Aseidu-Sekyere, Spartan Staff December 1, 2022
I honestly believe canceling Kanye is correct. Just because someone has a large following and a huge load of money doesn't make them exempt from the consequences of their words or their actions.
Chief Twit Confusing Hate Speech for Free Speech

‘Chief Twit’ Confusing Hate Speech for Free Speech

By Matthew Peters, Technology Reporter November 17, 2022

Different social platforms attract different people.  People generally get to choose what they do on social media as long as it’s legal and in the terms of service.  This could either allow for...

___BLANK____ For President?

___BLANK____ For President?

J Van Beest , Spartan Staff November 17, 2022

Not to be outdone by unreliable political polling by pundits on cable news networks - “We can be unreliable too!”  The Spartan Star conducted its own political poll, meaning we randomly asked some...

A meeting of the Safe Place club prior to a new directive to remove identity-based flags and banners in classrooms.

New Mandate an Unfortunate Turn of Events

By Chelsea Small, Spartan Staff October 26, 2022
Mr. Kopycinski, has kept a flag representing Pride to send a message that his room is a “safe place.” Now, that flag has been taken down.  “I think that the whole thing has become very sad," Kopycinski said.
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