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MCHS Principal Search Underway


At the end of the 2022-2023 Marian Catholic School year, It was announced that the principal, Steve Tortorello, would be retiring from the school. While the Marian community would feel his loss, it was clear that the new principal would need to match the needs of the school community. In May, it was announced that Ms. West would serve as interim principal in addition to her role as director of Student Support Services. Mr. Scanlon was also announced as interim assistant principal in addition to his role as director of curriculum. The school has shown their commitment to finding a suitable candidate for the job by creating a search committee. Ms. West serves as the chair of that principal search committee.

Since the school year has started, Marian has vocalized with parents and students that they are on a search to fill the principal and assistant principal roles. In order to receive honest and helpful feedback, they released a community survey to invite people to assist with the process of the principal search. The survey was sent to current students, parents, faculty, and the Board of Directors. In the survey, they recommend people share their thoughts and ideas on what Marian should look for in candidates for the new principal in hopes of shaping the perfect candidate profile that will match the Marian community goals.

On August 7, Marian announced a collaboration with the consulting firm, Carney, Sandoe & Associates, a highly reputable firm that has strong experience in Catholic education leadership searches. The search was led by members of the CS&A, Jess Roberson and Mike Truesdell, who visited the campus on Tuesday, September 12, to meet with students and staff, who voluntarily signed up to discuss their thoughts and opinions. The meeting was held during each lunch period and students who signed up were sent an email instructing them to gather in the teacher’s lounge. In this meeting, Roberson and Truesdell invited the students to an open discussion, offering them a chance to give input on their experiences attending Marian Catholic alongside their fellow classmates, teachers, and other faculty. Expressing what they hope to see in the new principal to make the students’ high school experience memorable and just.

The students from this meeting had much to say in order to help the search, including senior Shelby Boyd who believes that Marian is a school where “We truly need a principal that is approachable and willing to listen to us as students.” Boyd feels that, in her current and previous years here at Marian, she and her peers, “are constantly preached at without our opinions being considered. I believe we can all collectively agree that a principle that leaves room for suggestions and student opinions will benefit us all; specifically the relationship between staff and student body.” After Gathering all of this information, Marian was able to create a job description to post to Marian’s Instagram page and their website. According to this description, Marian is looking for a principal that should be committed to everyone, and constantly communicating with parents and alumni. They should promote expectations to all Marian students whilst maintaining and respecting diversity amongst all. Must have a Master’s degree or higher in Education Administration, a practicing Catholic, the ability to build and lead Marian’s staff and faculty, and much more.

As of October 4th, this job posting has gone live and potential applicants can now apply. The search for Marian Catholic High School’s new principal has officially begun.

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