In a Time of Uncertainty, We Need MORE Days Off


By Matthew Peters

There’s uncertainty at Marian Catholic and it’s not limited to students. It’s also among teachers. And the weather doesn’t help either. 

“Uncertainty” may not be the best word. “Disorientated” may be a better substitute. Never has there been a time when we’re all not craving stability. 

Covid-19. Snow. Masks mandated here…but not here. 

No school. Virtual e-learning. Today is a Special Events day, a Community Day, an assembly day. 

Then comes the snow. Snow has really taken an impact. We’ve had two snow days by my count.  

Teachers may be preparing for upcoming snow days as you read this, unsure if we’ll go virtual. Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows? Even the weather forecast isn’t 100 percent accurate. 

Snow is not anything to mess with, if you’re not careful and drive like you do on clear roads it can lead to an accident. Especially if you are late and have to show up whether it’s because you have to many absences or your job counts on it. That creates dangerous conditions for both students and teacher. Which is why we need Snow Days. And we need more than two. 

When it comes to uncertainty, here is the one thing I am certain about: We need more days off. 

Not just holidays or snow days, we need to take a break before we break. 

Mental health among students is something that is different for everyone. You can have the best grades and be in a sport and still be stressed, or have moderate grades and having the best time of your life. Those two can be interchangeable because everyone operates on different levels. 

Mental health has been more relevant in new generations and to put it simply, everyone needs a break on health. 

Unfortunately, Marian only allows a certain amount of off days and then homework still piles up especially if your teacher gives a lot. 

Every student is given five mental health days without a doctor’s note in CPS. Impeding stress and big workloads are a problem. That’s why we should talk about excessive amounts of homework to help students and the teachers. We should even discuss the idea of a 4-day week. 

When it comes to long-term health and safety, uncertainty remains high.

Just because we’ve always had a 5-day week doesn’t mean we should keep doing it. 

Everyone deserves a break from work or from school to stay healthy in a time of uncertainty.