Top 5 Pi(e)s on Pi Day

Because 3.14 would be hard to list



By J Van Beest 

Happy Pi Day!!  On this numeric holiday, everyone likes to celebrate by eating pie (Get it? Because pi and pie are homophones?? So funny…), so what better time like pi day to answer the age-old question: what are the top 5 pies?  Well, wonder no longer.  Today, I will answer. 

  1.   Key lime

Key lime pie is good… but definitely not top three material.  It’s got a nice flavor, but ‘nice’ is all it’ll ever be.  I’ve also got a vendetta against limes lately because they recently replaced the green apple skittles with lime skittles.  Disgusting.

  1.   Apple pie

A classic!  You can’t go wrong with apple pie—although sometimes you can, which is why it’s not #1.  I’ve had my fair share of bad apple pies, and you know what they say: one bad apple (pie) ruins the whole batch.  









  1. Pie-rates

Pirates are awesome!!  They do whatever they want, they’re on a boat all day, and they have cool outfits.  I wish I was a pirate.  









  1.   Deep dish pizza pie 

Maybe I’m just brainwashed because I live near Chicago, but WOW I love deep dish pizza.  Eating deep dish pizza is an experience–each time I eat it I feel like a changed person.  If you couldn’t tell, I really like deep dish pizza.  

Try to fold this and eat it, New Yorker.









    1. The pie bombs from Spongebob

Come on, we all watched that episode of Spongebob and thought “…I’d still eat it.”  THEY LOOKED SO TASTY!  Not only does food from cartoons always look good, but the ‘forbidden fruit’ aspect of the pies being explosive just adds to how badly I want to eat them.