‘Lightyear’ Deserves Some Buzz

A Kind of Origin Story to Popular ‘Toy Story’ Character

‘Lightyear’ Deserves Some Buzz

By Christopher Brown, Rising Freshman Film Critic

Lightyear is a great summer movie that can be recommended for the entire family.

The main idea or theme behind the Disney/Pixar movie is working together is the best way to solve a problem.

The conflict within the story was the difficulty that Buzz Lightyear, a character whom we know as an action figure from Disney’s Toy Story trilogy, has while trying to fix a mistake that he made.

Unlike the older Toy Story movies in which the title character was voiced by comedian Tim Allen, in this update “Captain America” actor Chris Evans is now the new/older/younger(?) Buzz Lightyear.

This movie shows us when Buzz stepped into iconic suit from those movies many of us grew up watching. We also learn the historical background of Buzz’s story. The film also features a mother/daughter duo of Izzy Hawthorne (voiced by Uzo Aduba) and Alisha Hawthorne (voiced by Keke Palmer), who were fantastic.

Overall, Lightyear was a great break from the everyday filled with many allusions to the original Toy Story movies that can be enjoyed by the whole family. The movie is rated PG. Lightyear gets seven out of 10 Spartan stars.