The ‘Multiverse’ is Everywhere – Yet Somewhere Else

For better or worse, why do we want another ‘us’?

The Multiverse is Everywhere - Yet Somewhere Else

By Clarke Stalling, Spartan Staff

Whether you first considered it after watching those DracoTok videos, or the latest Marvel movie, or an engaging discussion science class, the concept of Multiverse seems to be a frequently talked about topic, at least in this branch of reality.

Thanks, Loki.  

Whatever version of you that’s reading this should ponder that the popular theory of the Multiverse is that the universe we inhabit is not the only one. This is one of the many theories about the multiverse out there. At least, the concept of Multiverse gives our doppelgangers somewhere to go without confusing our friends online.

How popular is the idea of the Multiverse? 

Openness to the Multiverse can be measured somewhere between the presence of those Spiderman memes (a character who also has his own Spiderverse) and our most recent “One Book, One Marian” selection. 

In The Midnight Library, readers meet Nora Seed who has versions of her root life spread as if The Divine Sower cast her into the soil of different realities. To break this down even further, it can be seen as her subconscious entering another reality, since her physical self actually changes with each reality she opens, like a book in a supernatural library. 

Another example of the Multiverse has the term in its title. Of course, this is the very popular Marvel movie, Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. In the movie, Wanda also known as “The Scarlet Witch” is trying to get to a reality where she can be reunited with her children, who may or may not exist. Wanda visits that reality by taking over a different version of own her body. The story labels her action with the term “dreamwalking.” Many other movies base themselves around the basis of alternate realities, from this summer’s Everything, Everywhere, All at Once to the recent Netflix flick, Look Both Ways, starring Lili Reinhart, based on the “What if…” premise. 

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What is it that makes us wonder if there is someone just like us who made a different choice? 

Is it curiosity? Is it regret? 

Entertaining these theories suggests that with slight changes someone like you might be starring in your second Disney+ movie if you took a different route to school or already on the road to creating a bigger company than what Steve Jobs did with Apple, if you had lunch before instead of after Emmaus. The idea that this topic is still being looked into and studied by scientists all over the world is something that could only happen in our universe.

Maybe the question of the Multiverse is like that of whether or not humans are alone in this galaxy or just one of many intelligent forms of life. 

Could there be a Multiverse? 

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