Safe Place, An Oasis for Conversation and Support


By Nancy Onuchukwu, Spartan Staff

Are you in need of a place where support grows daily?

Need a place to fit in? 

Safe Place may be your spot. 

So, you may be wondering what is a Safe Place? It’s (almost) exactly what it sounds like. Conversations are kept anonymous, and students are free to share any opinions they have. 

Safe Place is a club where students talk about current events affecting the LGBTQ+ community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, plus) as well as anything else that a student or staff want to discuss. All are welcome here. The club accepts students, faculty members, and staff who identify or ally with the LGBTQ+ community. Everyone is invited to attend the group’s meetings.

Safe Place is a very open group where people respect each other. Members can be fully anonymous, if they choose to be.

The group’s faculty moderators are Mr. Kopycinski & Mrs. Pasyk, both theology teachers. 

So far, the club has met during the Community Period in Room 144 in Dominican Way either during or after school.

The group meets each 2:30 pm each Friday in Room 144.