Faculty Advisor Note

Many people say that they support Freedom of Speech.

After all, it is in the First Amendment. It is a fundamental right that makes us Americans. 

Don’t judge those individuals solely by their words. Look at their actions. 


Actions speak louder than words. 

To his credit, Marian Catholic President Vince Krydynski came to me and opened himself up to be questioned by student staff members of The Spartan Star curious about decisions they’d heard about second- and third hand. 


If you are reading this now, it means while Marian Catholic may not be perfect, the school’s president is open to entering into dialogue and working each day toward making this school a better place. 

This issue of The Spartan Star is devoted toward continuing discussion through that essential Dominican pillar of Veritas: The Truth.

If you want to add your perspective and voice to this issue, please know you are welcome to as the newspaper continues its coverage of the conversation.


– Michael Wamble, Faculty Advisor, The Spartan Star