Bears Will Bounce Back, “Justin” Their Own Time

QB1 Key to Chicago’s Future Success

Bears Will Bounce Back, Justin Their Own Time

By Ellis Jones, Spartan Staff

These past couple of seasons have been shaky for the Chicago Bears to say the least. 

Now, the future looks bright with a new offensive threat in play-calling and the historic feats from the feet of QB1 Justin Fields. 

The Bears franchise will be better soon…just not yet. 

So, they will still lose games that they should’ve won like the sad and sorry Detroit Lions by 1 infuriating point, 31-30. 

Yes, Fields threw a Pick-6. 

But more importantly he threw two touchdown passes to Cole Kmet AND ran for two more, including a 67-yard run to the endzone. 

In three years, will anyone remember a Nov. loss to the Lions in 2022, as Fields leads the Bears to the playoffs, conference championships and – dare to dream – the Super Bowl. 

Before we go there, how did we get here, to this turning point in Bears’ history. 

After losing the Wild Card game in the 2020 – 2021 season, it seemed like the Chicago Bears were on an everlasting decline. Even though they made the playoffs that year, the 8-8 record wasn’t convincing for fans. 

After the wild card loss, it was clear that the Chicago Bears needed help to improve their offense. They decided to move on from Andy Dalton and draft the star from Ohio State, Justin Fields. The following year, the team went 6-11, which had the fandom disappointed to say the least. Fields didn’t have the greatest rookie year, but the franchise wasn’t ready to give up on him yet. 

After such an atrocious season, it was clear that the Chicago Bears needed a lot to help their franchise. 

The franchise didn’t have any first-round picks in the following draft, because they used it to trade up for Fields. 

For the moment, the team seemed to have no other choice than to see if Fields could breathe life and an air of fun back to football.

The Chicago Bears went into the 2022-2023 season as underdogs. There has been a lot of controversy going on with the franchise as of recent, after trading defensive cornerstones such as Roquan Smith and Robert Quinn. 

They were the reasons why their defense was good, so trading them left some fans confused. 

However, they used the trades to their advantage by getting Fields a new offensive weapon in Chase Claypool. 

In one of the Bears most recent games, Chicago played the 5-3 Miami Dolphins who were on a hot streak. The offense for the Chicago Bears was sparking all game, and Fields made history. He broke Mike Vick’s record for most rushing yards in a game! It’s safe to say that the Chicago Bears made a great decision by drafting Justin Fields. 

However, the team lost due to a controversial “no call” by the referees late in the fourth quarter. Chase Claypool was clearly being interfered with by the defensive corner for the Dolphins, but maybe the referees had a parlay on the game.

The Bears next two games are on the road against Atlanta, then against the New York Jets. The team might win. They might not.

So whether they go 2-0 or o-2, the Bears have proved that their future is bright, and the revival of that franchise is reviving before our very eyes.