U.S. Eliminated In World Cup

Both Brazil and Argentina set to play Friday


The US Men’s World Cup bid ended with a 3-1 loss to Netherlands on Dec. 3 in Qatar.

By Braydon Waller, Futbol Expert

The US Men’s National Team was eliminated from World Cup contention after a 3-1 loss to Netherlands on Dec. 3 in Qatar.

The fact that USMNT made it that far caught some off guard.

Surprisingly America, also known as Stars and Stripes, made it into the round of 16 to face Netherlands. 

This is how it happened.

After leading most of their first game against Wales, the American centerback Walker Zimmerman gave up a penalty. The Welsh star Garett Bale converted it and the game ended in a 1-1 draw. 

        England        3

        Wales            1

        U States        1

        Iran              0

This was the table after the first game. England beat down Iran 6-2 led by Arsenal youngster and star Bukayo Saka. In the group stage there is a point system: a win is three points, a draw is one point, while losing is no points. After plating every team in the group, the group stage is over and the top two teams advance.

In the highly anticipated England vs. United States game, there was a scoreless draw, which on paper looks terrible. Yet, actually, it is an amazing.

Think about it.

Due to that tie with England – the country where soccer was created – and the number 4 ranked team in the world, these US athletes proved they could play on the world stage. 

In fact, the US dominated the whole game until the team’s lack of proficient players who can score caught up with them. Even with all the opportunities to do so, the US could not score once. And with a result of 0-0, USMNT were left on 2 points needing a win to move on to the next round as our next opponent Iran beat Wales 2-0 both scored in extra time.

        England        4

        Iran               3

        U States        2

        Wales           1

With only one game left the United States simply needed only one win against Iran to move on to the next round.

Over the first 30 minutes of the game the United States dominated by continuously attacking as well as retaining possession of the ball for longer periods of time. But their big problem was that they didn’t have a true striker or pure scorer who would find their goal. They had so many created chances, and luckily but as well as unluckily the U.S. pulled a magnificent goal out of the hat.

Unfortunately, our American Star – the LeBron James of Soccer – Christian Pulisic was injured while scoring that go-ahead goal that led to the U.S. victory.

Due to what was reported as a pelvic contusion, worry about Pulisic’s health preceded Saturday’s fateful contest.  

The Group stage finished with a Wales loss to England, which means England won the group and America was the runner up, followed by Iran and Wales.

    England        7

    U States        5

    Iran               3

    Wales            1

Then came Saturday’s loss and the end to the US men’s distant hopes to claim the World Cup.

Quarterfinals play continues at 9 am Friday when Brazil, let by its star, Neymar Jr. faces Croatia and later at 1 pm when Netherlands meets Lionel Messi’s Argentina team.