Trinity’s 3 – Skip or Stream

Music from Yeezy, Drizzy & Alessia reviewed


Our music critic Trinity Slaughter advises you on what to skip and what to stream.

Trinity Slaughter, Music Critic

Certified Lover Boy –  Drake

The songs on Drake’s 6th album, “Certified Lover Boy”, sound exactly the same. It’s Drake, so people will listen anyways, but there’s no innovation or elevation from things he’s made before. The rap flow is the same in every song so it sounds like it all blends together when you listen. Catchy songs, but it’s bland, like saltine crackers. The album has a lot of features. Thirteen artists in total. But, there are mentionable names like R&B vocalist GIVĒON, and rappers Lil Durk and Future. Every track on the album is pretty popular, but the most known songs are definitely “Champagne Poetry” and “Way 2 Sexy.” I bet you’ve heard those. They’re kind of hard to escape. Overall, there’s not too much to say about “Certified Lover Boy.” Since there are certain songs I enjoy, I’d have to say it’s a HALF STREAM! (Literally.)

My top 3 songs from “Certified Lover Boy” are:

  1. Pipe Down
  2. You Only Live Twice (with Lil Wayne & Rick Ross)
  3. Girls Want Girls (with Lil Baby)


In the Meantime – Alessia Cara

To begin, I have to say Alessia Cara is severely underrated. “In the Meantime” is Cara’s third studio album, and I do love it. Her vocals are very easy on the ears (sing me to sleep, please!).  You can tell how much she’s improved since her 2015 hits, “Here” and “Scars to your Beautiful.” Each track has a different sound and style, so it sounds distinguishable. I personally relate to the lyrics of multiple songs on this album and I’m sure many other people can. None of the songs have blown up on social media, except maybe “Sweet Dream.” And that is deserved because that song is great. I think this album will become one of my favorites. I love every song so “In the Meantime” is 100% a STREAM!

My top 3 songs from “In the Meantime” are: 

  1. Bluebird
  2. Fishbowl
  3. Sweet Dream


Donda – Kanye West 

“Donda” is Kanye West’s 10th studio album and it created a lot of buzz. The album is a tribute to his mother, Donda West, who passed away in November of 2007. It shows from not only the title, but also the very first track of the album, “Donda Chant.” Some people say it’s scary, but I think it is creative and daunting. A few of the songs on the album felt like filler and that they didn’t need to be there. “Donda” has a lot, a lot, a lot of features, whether it be in prominent background vocals or actual verses. Some artists that are featured on the album are Stalone (who sounds a lot like Ariana Grande), The Weeknd, Jay-Z, and Playboy Carti. I do actually like a lot of the songs on this album, though. On that note, I will say that “Donda” is a STREAM.

My top 3 songs from “Donda” are:

  1. Hurricane (with The Weeknd, Lil Baby)
  2. Remote Control  (with Kid Cudi, Young Thug)
  3. Moon (with Kid Cudi, Don Toliver)