‘Y’ Restrict Earrings To Female Students?


The purpose of a school uniform is to give a more professional, put-together aspect to the student’s education, but the rules become more confusing when discussing non-clothing items.  

It doesn’t make sense that the defining factor for whether a student at Marian Catholic is allowed to wear earrings is the number of X chromosomes they possess.  

Female students are allowed to wear earrings at school. Female students are allowed to grow their hair. Yet male students are not allowed to grow out their hair past their shoulders. Why? Because of Y?

The purpose of a dress code is to eliminate confusion, not create it. 

The dress code demands uniformity, meaning each student looks the same.  Yet, when it comes to earrings, we are not the same. If earrings are permitted for one gender, they should be permitted for the other, or they shouldn’t be permitted for either.  

When the argument is broken down to the bare essentials, it is saying that “male students can’t wear earrings because earrings are for girls.”  

Marian Catholic has been trying to make strides for inclusivity and self-expression – and that should be applauded. While other Catholic schools recently have made headlines for controversial decisions – only to reverse course – Marian continues to make steps to move forward. 

Allowing male students to wear earrings would be another step in the right direction.