Fright Fest Returns

Screams, Shrieks, Scares – Oh My!


by Amari Carter

Wasn’t Fright Fest a night!

With screams, shrieks, and scares, Fright Fest returned to its fearful form October 2 at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee.

Neither a rain delay nor a longer hiatus due to the pandemic, could keep more than 330 Spartans from enjoying their thrills which made that Saturday a night to remember. 

Though some rides had to close down due to thunderstorms and lightning, this made the night more memorable.

Explosions of lightning, crashes of thunder gave the night the feel of stepping onto the set of a horror movie. 

Anxiously, we waited, standing in line and not knowing if the rides would open again.

Tension mounted. 

Anticipation grew. 

Many fellow Spartans had been waiting on this trip for almost a year since COVID-19 made public gatherings disappear like a ghost.

So when 7pm rolled around and the monsters came out of hiding and screams could be heard from near and far, spirits soared when the X-Flight final took flight. 

Makeup and all, the monsters really outdid themselves. Not to mention the vampires and crowns creeping up from behind.

“Fright Fest was amazing,” said Spartan Nico Calkins. “It was really an enjoyable experience with my friends.”