‘The Star’ Is Born

“The Marian Megaphone” makes way for “The Spartan Star”


Marian Catholic is a school of many proud traditions. 

One source of Spartan pride has been its student newspaper. 

(Remember newspapers?)

Fast-forward to our current digital dystopia.  

It’s a time when social media companies are accused of agitating users to gain more clicks, more likes and longer views.

It’s a space where some online users spew hate behind the protection of anonymity.  

It’s a place where so-called smart apps showcase trends of vandalism in schools. 

In this time, this space, this place, the modern information and communication skills that newspapers provide a student staff is as crucial to post-graduate success as it’s ever been. 

Our Dominican values demand that we step into the media marketplace to bring Truth to the world that is empathetic and relevant. 

In light of that truth, The Marian Megaphone – which spoke to this community in print – shines once more as The Spartan Star. 

With your support, The Spartan Star will bring a proud Marian tradition into a brave new world.