‘Megaphone’ Memories

A Look Back at 2003 when the Class of 2022 was born.

Megaphone Memories

“Megaphone Memories”

Andrew Barajas

Everyone looks to the future on a day-to-day basis. We question what we wear. We wonder about what we will become. Where will we work? Who will we marry? What will tomorrow bring?  These may be important questions about the future. But, for now, let’s return to 2003. 

About 18 years ago, back when we seniors were infants, Marian Catholic had been established for 45 years.  Just as we have personal history and our school has academic history – rooted in the work of the Springfield Dominicans –  so too does our student newspaper.

Rewind to 2003! The Spartan Gold Raffle was only a calendar sale! Our own Spirit Week traditions were held in early October instead of mid-September. There was still a Pajama Day and a Class Color Day. Those traditions have remained. Yet, whereas we celebrated a Masquerade theme this year, there was a Hollywood-style bash to mark Homecoming. All this and more could be found in the pages of The Marian Megaphone 18 years ago. 

The Spartan Star is rooted in the history of The Marian Megaphone. This is the first of a series of articles based on “Megaphone Memories.” 

In October 2003, a Chicago baseball team made the playoffs and Californians voted whether or not to recall their governor. (Sounds familiar?) Royalty topped the Billboard charts with Queen Bey (Beyonce) and Sean Paul’s song “Baby Boy”. Later that month, Pope John Paul II beatified Mother Teresa of Calcutta, which marked her first step toward sainthood.

In the pages of the Megaphone, the football team was off to a great start. It was the debut of the school’s hockey team. And students were introduced to new teachers like Mrs. Evans, our psychology teacher, back when she taught freshman and sophomore-level English.

Looking back, the world seems so different from our current one. Was it so different?

What we can be sure of is that tradition makes us unique and similar at the same time.

This has been the first in a series of “Megaphone Memories.”