When The Standard Rating is Too Vague  When The Standard Rating is Too Vague

By  J. Van Beest

Have you ever watched a movie for the first time and saw a rather disturbing scene and thought, “I wish they would’ve warned me ?”

There’s a website for that! is an online database of movies, TV shows, books, and video games with warnings such as if a dog dies, if there’s gore, if a harmful stereotype is portrayed on screen, and many more.  

The aforementioned entertainment mediums provide vague age ratings, as in “Rated PG-13 for violence,” but some people need more than a small heads-up for what they are about to see. 

Many people have traumatic experiences they don’t want to relive (triggers), or they simply cannot stand certain tropes and want to know ahead of time if a child’s dear toy gets destroyed, or if the African American character doesn’t live past the first 15 minutes in the horror movie, or if a mentally ill person is painted as dangerous, and either steer clear of it, or go into it knowing they won’t like what they’re about to see.  

There’s a small explanation if a movie, TV show, etc. does contain the bad trope you want to avoid, and are almost always spoiler free.  

Say you want to begin watching “YOU,” but are unsure about what the show may contain.  

You can look up the show and the first few results relate to animal death cruelty, but as you scroll further down, you can find more niche triggers that you would maybe want to know, as well.  

As an avid media consumer with multiple obscure triggers, is a godsend for when I’m unsure about watching a new movie/starting a new show.  If you’re like me, this website will be very beneficial for you.  

The next time you’re about to swear off watching something, check to see on if it’s completely worth it.