Gobble, Gobble: Top 5 Turkeys For the Holiday

Somehow turducken didn’t make the Top 5, find out who did


By Jay Van Beest 

No Thanksgiving celebration is ever complete without the turkey, which is why today we’re acknowledging and ranking each kind of turkey.  

  1. Turkey, like the meat 


Let’s be honest, nobody’s favorite Thanksgiving food is turkey, and if it’s somehow yours, please email me the recipe you use.  









  1. Turkey, like the country 

I’ve never been to Turkey so this may be too low on the list.  “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)” is a really good song, though.  










  1. Cold Turkey 

Quitting cold turkey can either be really good for a person or really bad, which is why it’s at the middle of the list.  Some people need to ease off of whatever they’re quitting, but some can just stop abruptly.  

















  1. Hand Turkeys                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The easiest and most fun arts and crafts project everyone used to do during November: the classic hand turkey.  It’s endearing no matter how old or experienced you are.  















Screenshot from, “I Turn Myself Into a Turkey” by Youtuber MacDoesit

1. When MacDoesIt Turned Himself Into a Turkey 

Online personality MacDoesIt makes absolutely hysterical videos, and his Thanksgiving themed video is a perfect example.  “I Turn Myself Into a Turkey” is ten minutes of non-stop laughter and chaos, which puts Mac’s rendition of a turkey at Number One.

Happy Thanksgiving from The Spartan Star!