I’m With The Band

Senior’s self-confidence grows year-by-year as a member of the marching band.


By Andrew Barajas

Early this month, the Marian Catholic Marching Band participated in the Grand National Tournament in Indianapolis, where they completed against schools from across the nation.

For more than four decades, the Marian Catholic has earned honors as one of best bands in America.

This year, our Spartans placed second in the nation in Class 2A.

The Spartans Marching Band placed 25th out of 99th overall. 

This is the story of one senior member of the Spartans Marching Band. 


As a Senior in the Marian Catholic Marching Band, I know just how hard we work to play less than 10 minutes of music.

Every new day produces new challenges as we confront old issues from the day before as well. They pile quickly if not dealt with, and we still need to remember all the things we got right. Everything is for the sake of the music and us improving as people. The core of my time here was finding out what exactly I can do, and what power lies beneath my soul.

Our show’s theme was The Purple Thread, and it was a fitting theme for the feeling of the year as a whole. In the long white gown of society, we are called to be the purple individuals that make the overall scene more beautiful. I couldn’t think of a better way to summarize my time in the marching band. We became strong independent people, and we became wonderful young adults that make everyone more beautiful by our individuality. 

As a freshman, I felt like I was hopeless. I sucked at everything. I was the one of two true beginners in my section. Everyone else had a music class, previous experience, and older members in their favor. I had to make my own mark and struggle with my own anxiety to blossom.

As a sophomore, I felt unstoppable. I got better by my own power and will to make beautiful music. I fought through the marching season and the concert season was incredible for my self expression. Then Covid-19 hit.

My junior year was lonely, I never could play and use the musical ability that I worked so hard to get. It was like lifting a boulder that just ended up crushing me to the ground. The music was easy, the classes were dull, music was dead for me. My marimba and vibraphone were a 30-minute drive and a risk of getting sick away. I was isolated at home with nobody but my family there. It was lonely to only play tiny solos that didn’t require much time investment. Luckily, I grew past it and ran into senior year. 

Here I am, being the purple thread in my section. I did my best to weave through conflict and create a sound I could be proud of. Being a good leader and follower was very difficult to balance, but overall, I think I did well. There were some gripes and bad days, but in the end, they made us stronger.

I love the friends I made, and I cannot wait to see how they grow into the new faces of the band.

To all of them, I say: Be your own purple thread, make everything more beautiful, and learn to love the struggle of excellence.