True Crime Club Increases Members As They Deduce Cases

When Truth is Stranger Than Fiction


By Nikko Valdez

What was the cause of death?

What decade was this?

Does anyone know what arsenic does to the body after death?

And what about aliens?

Questions you wouldn’t often hear in school happen to be ones asked quite frequently among members of the True Crime Club. 

One of Marian Catholic’s biggest clubs, The True Crime Club, goes over cases from any decade and from any type. The club goes over cases that are unsolved, like the Hinterkaifeck Murders, cases that have conspiracy elements to them, like the Dyatlov Pass Incident, and even fake cases that have been made by group members. 

The club meets during the C and D block during Wednesday Community Periods. The cases are researched before the group meets and during the meetings the group goes over theories, evidence, and in some cases suspects. 

In the week of November 17th 2021, the group discussed the Dyatlov Pass Incident where a group of nine Russian hikers went missing in the Ural Mountains and their remains found in such a way that the theories of government conspiracies, advanced sound weaponry, aliens, and even supernatural beings were given to discuss. 

Every week there is a new case and these are received from the students that are in the club.

Full disclosure, as one of the club’s vice presidents, along with Karlie Pruim and our club president Kamori Scott, we hope to get to go on field trips to see famous sites in our area.  

The True Crime Club is open to anyone who wants to sit down and theorize about their favorite bit of true crime whether it be an unsolved case from the 1930’s or a case that is still at large.