Adele’s ’30’ sounds fantastic…and quite familiar

Divorced Adele Pushing Empowerment


By Iris Fé

Unique, wistful, and amazing as usual, Adele’s latest album called “30” retains her trademark sound. As her singing usually does, it transports you to an ocean of emotions- sadness, regret, empowerment, and hope.

I also hear a hint of perseverance in her songs with how the words and melodies work together. This is especially true for her songs “Oh My God” and “Woman Like Me” because her lyrics empower and assert her independence.

On “Woman Like Me,” Adele says, “I saw what my heart can really do, Now some other man will get the love I have for you, ‘Cause you don’t care.” 

In “Oh My God,” British songstress says, “I don’t have to explain myself to you, I am a grown woman and I do what I want to do,” so those lyrics and the ones in “Woman Like Me” show her independence.

Some other songs that stood out to me were “Can I Get It,” “Strangers by Nature,” and “Cry Your Heart Out.”

“Cry Your Heart Out” is so profound, and I was surprised to hear an electronic voice singing during the chorus and at the beginning. “Strangers by Nature” is another unexpected song because the lyrics are so deep, and the sound of it is so beautiful and melancholic. “Can I Get It” has a lively background sound with the guitar and fast drumbeat.

I have mixed feelings about this album because Adele is so talented, and I love these new songs sandwiched in the album that are super different from the rest. I need to warn you, though, because for some of the tracks, I thought I was listening to duplicates of her older songs like “Rolling in the Deep.” 

There is repetition in the album, but it still has new sounds waiting to be discovered. Overall, the album “30” is as striking as if an orchestra in your heart was playing for the whole world to hear. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to switch up their music or who wants to just chill listening to decent beats over the holiday break.